Retaining Walls

The beauty of retaining walls is multifaceted. What better way to protect your native soils than with a native stone wall. The bold structure of stone adds interest and strength. No two walls are ever alike.

Most of the stone used comes from Tn and the color that we see is often mind boggling. I’ve seen the deepest burgundy to the darkest black and everything in between. These are the oldest mountains on earth, some 1.1 billion years old. Don’t you know they have a story to tell. Not in fossils mind you, but in energy. Stone is living and from the stone comes the strong energy of these wonderful mountains. It is not possible to be around stone without feeling it. It just isn’t.

These walls are perhaps what we are most known for. They are all over the county and several other counties as well. The larger the walls the more engineering involved but it is well worth the trouble. From the very small to the very large they are all filled with the character of not only the stone itself but those who handle it as well.

We have the best ‘rock wranglers’ and stone masons around! The level of skill needed to do this sort of work requires some inner knowing that I simply can not yet articulate. It is a joy for me to work in this profession and with these men. Together we work to bring our homeowners beautiful walls that will be functional as well as works of art. 

For any home I think stone has a place to be. From a strategically placed boulder below a stately evergreen tree to the small stones that flank a stand of iris, all of them add a cohesive and natural look.

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