Focal Points In the Garden

Focal points are just that, you’re walking along and something catches your eye. When this happens something magical happens in the brain. First we use all of our senses so that we can understand what it is. Then the brain sends out that message for the body to move in for a better look. All the while this is happening your own creative juices turn on.

This element can be subtle or bold. It is all just a matter of taste. In my landscapes I like to hide some of my focal points so that those who are more likely to step off of the beaten trail might wander just a little bit further into the beauty of it to find what their instincts are telling them is there.

An intimate landscape should tease our senses. It should enliven our spirits and trigger our inner adventurer. I want my designs to fulfill and create something that perhaps hasn’t been thought of in a while. Like how nice it would be to just have that quiet space in which to read or reflect. Perhaps it’s just a spot in the garden where you are likely to find a bird flitting about or a butterfly resting on a flower that you have watched grow and blossom.

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