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Plants are guaranteed by Landscape Design Innovations for 1 year. All work is satisfaction guaranteed to meet your specific needs.

Common Landscape Design Questions

Is it too late to plant?

It’s never too late to plant. It depends on how much care you are willing to give plants during the hot, dry season. Fall and winter are great seasons for planting large evergreen trees and shrubbery. Spring is a great time to plant deciduous trees and perennials.

Can you do retaining walls in the winter months?

Of course! That is actually a great time to add walls to your landscape design.

What plants will grow in my yard?

Any plant from the smallest to the largest will grow depending on the sunlight availability.

Can I grow plants in the shade?

With some plants, yes. There are certain plants that will grow in the shade.

Are their choices for stone?

Absolutely, there are lots of choices available for your landscape design.

Can you relocate plants?

We can definitely move plants to a new location. This is best done in the fall or early spring.

Do I have to take care of my plants?

Yes, if you don’t have a maintenance program. We will provide instructions to care for all your plants.

How much is the initial deposit?

We take a 1/3 deposit of the total landscape design estimate to reserve the materials. If we are under budget at the end of the job than the estimate your final payment will be less.

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