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Landscape Design Innovations will bring creative and innovative ideas that will offer beauty and function to your yard.

Landscape Design Services

Landscape Design with flatstone, bark and plants

Landscape Design

For great landscape design, we like to be there before the graders, see the beauty within the landscape, bringing it to life for the homeowner. We know the value of the local plants and help the homeowner live in harmony with the mountains.

flower beds and bushes


Seasonal landscape design care provided upon request

pattern of stone for driveway


Use different styles of pavers to build your driveway, walk-ways and patios.

for better draining and plant growth

Retaining walls

Retaining walls are a key part of the landscape design when it comes to mountain terrain. Drainage must be an equal part of the solution, and LDI tailors a system of drainage for each individual project. Some projects have more than one drainage system.

This will assure all waters are diverted away from the home and carried to a place on the property where they can percolate or be captured and slowly dispersed. We adhere to the naturalist’s program to incur the least amount of environmental damage. 

for commercial and sub-divisions

Commercial Entrance Ways

From Sub-division entries to private drives, we beautify them all.

Spruce the place up a bit with amazing stone columns and matching stone walls to show off any commercial property.

walkway of stone


Hardscaping is the use of hard materials like stone to create areas of gathering and walking: Fire pits, Patios, Flagstone, Walkways, and Retaining Walls.

Whether it is patios, fire pits, retaining walls, or all of the above, the real magic happens when we marry the home to the property with foundational plants that accent the beauty of the home.

for landscaping


Grading your lawn is the beginning part of the landscape design process. We do landscape grading for new construction, gardens, and pathways.

in flower beds


It is the green element in the garden that softens the hardscape material. This brings a live, beautiful balance to the landscape and home.

Trees anchor the home, giving vertical interest and charm. Stone is added as accents, which creates a natural aspect to your mountain home. Flowering shrubbery and seasonal perennials to enhance the overall beauty of the landscape.

pathway with a bridge


Pathways and walkways are always sweet additions to any home setting. Whether you have a new home or an older home that just needs a little curb appeal, walkways, and pathways are a good way to do that.

LDI uses many materials and processes to bring you Safe and beautiful ways to come and go.

Plants are guaranteed for 1 year.
All landscape design work is satisfaction guaranteed to meet your specific needs.

Landscape Design Innovations brings over 120 years of experience, cumulatively, to these north Ga Mountains. We are perhaps best known for our retaining walls. From the very large to the very small and all sizes in between, LDI offers sound solutions for all your landscape challenges.

Innovations’ Testimonials

  • Evon and her crew are top notch. Always love to see what they will create next. If you want to turn your average landscape into a masterpiece, give them a call.

    BRAD S

  • This group is creative, talented and skilled! Integrity and excellent work ethic. Reliable, responsible and mindful of environmental concerns. A pleasure to work with this company and outstanding results- exceeded our expectations in transforming our garden.

    Beth Lipscomb

  • You will just be amazed at what Evon and her crew are able to not only envision but then create. Truly works of art that will last generations. You will never find this type of artistry and craftsmanship anywhere except with Landscape Design Innovations.

    Donna DesEnfants

    Donna DesEnfants

  • 5 Stars: Professionalism, Responsiveness, Value

    William Johnson

  • Love everything they do! Evon’s vision is something to behold. I love everything she does!! When they start on a wall these men are truly artisans. Watching them build a wall is truly like watching an artist at work!

    Pamela Lorch

Common Landscape Design Questions

Is it too late to plant?

It’s never too late to plant. It depends on how much care you are willing to give plants during the hot, dry season. Fall and winter are great seasons for planting large evergreen trees and shrubbery. Spring is a great time to plant deciduous trees and perennials.

Can you do retaining walls in the winter months?

Of course! That is actually a great time to add walls to your landscape design.

What plants will grow in my yard?

Any plant from the smallest to the largest will grow depending on the sunlight availability.

Can I grow plants in the shade?

With some plants, yes. There are certain plants that will grow in the shade.

Are their choices for stone?

Absolutely, there are lots of choices available for your landscape design.

Can you relocate plants?

We can definitely move plants to a new location. This is best done in the fall or early spring.

Do I have to take care of my plants?

Yes, if you don’t have a maintenance program. We will provide instructions to care for all your plants.

How much is the initial deposit?

We take a 1/3 deposit of the total landscape design estimate to reserve the materials. If we are under budget at the end of the job than the estimate your final payment will be less.

Let's Design Your Landscape Together

Bring your yard to its fullest potential. Let's bring flair and functionality into your landscape where it will be enjoyed year after year.

Landscape Design Process

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2) Schedule a visit to your property

3) Get your free landscape estimate

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